Award-winning singer, Gwen Thomas, was born amidst the vibrant singing of African churches. From a young age, he immersed himself in the world of gospel music, developing a love that would shape his musical journey. His powerful voice led him to share the stage with legends like Stevie Wonder and perform in front of the iconic Quincy Jones. Serving as a backing vocalist for Stevie Wonder was a transformative experience that significantly shaped Gwen’s artistic expression.

One of Gwen’s notable strengths lies in his rich cultural mix—his mother hails from Gabon and Togo, while his father is from Senegal and Mauritania. This diverse heritage has gifted him with an extensive understanding of music backgrounds spanning West Africa to Central Africa.

Gwen has been recognized with the distinguished AFRIMA© Award of Best Jazz Artist in Africa. His music is an enchanting blend of African rhythms infused with jazz and undoubtedly rooted in gospel influences. Characterized by positive vibes and contagious energy, his unique sound has resonated on renowned international stages around the world, solidifying his status as an outstanding artist in the realm of African jazz & soul.


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