what's your story?

I hear you! The feeling of not knowing where to start can be unsettling, but it’s something that can be resolved after a few sessions during which I will invite you to ask yourself the right questions and ensure that your answers are authentic. Often, the solution is right in front of us, but we are so caught up in the details that we can’t see it. Finding your artistic identity is truly an introspective process and may take time because once found, it needs to be applied correctly throughout the entire journey. But let me assure you, all the questions you have, you already have the answers to them. It’s my role to help you define these answers as best as possible.

I understand that feeling of a blank page and not knowing where to start, especially after exploring various musical genres. Let me reassure you, I’ve been there too. During our work sessions, we will go back to the origins and the reasons behind what you do, asking the right questions. I believe that after a few sessions, being honest with yourself, things should become clear rather quickly.
What a strange sensation you must be feeling right now. But it’s okay, reconnecting with your true identity is always possible. I would even say it’s better that you realize it now because many artists end up lost for several years. Here too, we will have to do the same introspective work by asking the right questions. Then we can explore how to transition smoothly from what you are currently doing to where you want to go, to who you really are.

An incredible experience!

Gwen excels at guiding the conversation to find answers to the 'why' questions that we sometimes aren't fully aware of. It can be surprising, but also a stimulus for further action. For me, finding the answer to what might seem like a trivial question was a breakthrough, and discovering the main motive allowed me to take specific and stable actions in my project. If someone has dilemmas about their artistic activities and projects, I wholeheartedly recommend Gwen! He's a master!

Karolina Loret
Warsaw, Poland