Packs of 5 classes are also possible. Just let me know during our next appointment!

You really inspired me by your energy. We have not speak a lot but this few times was enough for me to see that I when I grow up I want to inspire people like you inspired me.


I had an interesting and inspiring exchange experience characterized by friendliness, simplicity, and, most importantly, in-depth analysis. Personally, it has been a significant milestone in accepting my vocal potential.


It was an honor to learn from someone incredible like you Gwen. Thank you for everything you've done for us by inspiring us and motivate us to pursue our dreams and goals.


I always thought that I could not sing but after a few classes with Gwen, I realised that it was wrong. Gwen has helped me tremendously with my voice which helped me also to control the sound of my saxophone. Gwen, you helped me create a whole new horizon. Thank you!


Gwen, you not only know how to teach, but you also know how to hit the bullseye when talking to me! If you can do it with me, surely you can do it with all your students!


I am a vocal coach myself, and I love taking singing lessons with Gwen. Gwen knows how to find the exercises that push me to give my best. I feel that with Gwen, I am going from point A to point B. From the first few minutes, he knows what I need. Having him as a coach is invaluable.