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Two days dedicated to your development, featuring tailor-made intensive SOLO sessions. You are the priority, with Gwen Thomas' total commitment to addressing your unique needs.
Embark on an exclusive vocal training weekend designed just for you, offering an intensive experience dedicated to one person at a time. Under the expert guidance of Gwen, a certified Modern Vocal Training coach, enjoy personalized attention and tailored support. Immerse yourself fully in the heart of your artistic potential with intensive sessions and a deep exploration of your voice.

Picture yourself evolving artistically in the cultural excitement of Barcelona, a city pulsating with creativity. This inspiring setting will add a special dimension to your experience, creating an atmosphere conducive to self-discovery and artistic exploration.
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Discussiona about artistic direction
Vocal coaching
Stage performance
Work on interpretation and emotion
Tour and concert preparation
Discussions on artistic identity
Work on rhythm and groove
Songwriting and music production
*At your request, the weekend could be focused on the writing of your songs, arrangements. Additional costs for the recording studio are not included in the price.
Book my immersion
Book my immersion
About Gwen Thomas
Gwen Thomas is a certified MVT vocal coach with a strong focus on artistic development and music production. Many artists have sought his expertise, including renowned figures such as Stevie Wonder, for whom he served as a backing vocalist during the 'At Last' tour. With over 10 years of experience, Gwen has assisted hundreds of artists worldwide in unlocking their vocal potential and discovering their artistic identity. Recognized in 2019 as the Best Jazz Artist in Africa at the All African Music Awards in Lagos (AFRIMA), his greatest desire is to help artists create authentic and impactful musical projects.
Vocal coach, music producer and trainer in artistic identity.
Week-end Schedule
20:00 - Dinner + Conversations
10:00 - Vocal Coaching
11:00 - Workshop 1
12:00 - Lunch Break
14:00 - Workshop 2
15:30 - Break
16:00 - Workshop 3
18:00 - End of the day
10:00 - Vocal Coaching
11:00 - Workshop 4
13:00 - Lunch Break
14:00 - Recap of the week-end
15:00 - End of IMMERSION
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