Let me give you a bit of context

Music production is a process that may seem simple, but in reality, it involves numerous rules to ensure that the envisioned result is achieved. More than ever, recording studios and home studios have become accessible, with so many options available. With the popularity of these recording facilities, artists now have direct access to them and often skip crucial steps in the creation of their musical projects, such as artistic direction. As a result, they find themselves at the end with projects that they don’t recognize because they got lost during the process or simply failed to ask the right questions before starting production. This explains the number of irrelevant projects being released today. In 2023, statistics show that platforms like Spotify will have seen over 120 million tracks uploaded, which amounts to one and a half tracks per second. Can you imagine? While you read this text, at least 5 tracks have been added to Spotify. How do you plan to distinguish yourself amidst this jungle without a project that is well-crafted and structured? I am here to assist you in creating an authentic, coherent, and relevant project.

here is your the journey will look like


The first step of your project is to find the emotional trigger that prompted you to embark on this journey. The entire project will be infused with this emotion.

The Artistic Direction

We define the genre and musical direction that your project will take. This sets the framework for the project and guides us throughout the entire process. The target audience is also defined at this stage.

Music Arrangements

This is the practical implementation of Step 2. An arranger aligned with the artistic direction will be assigned to your project. At this stage, we explore all possible proposals to serve Step 2.

Studio Recording

Depending on the orchestration and your budget, my team and I will find and record in the studio that best suits your artistic project.

Visual Artistic Direction

This stage serves as a reminder for you to start considering this aspect. The energy of the music will help you clarify your choices at this stage.


With all instruments recorded, it's time for the mix. This stage is always done under the guidance of Steps 1 and 2.


The pinnacle of the process! I will accompany you in this final stage of production to ensure that the music is properly balanced, regardless of the distribution platform.

Final Discussions

Here, we discuss the post-music phase because now that it's recorded, it's time to sell it! We cover topics such as distribution, booking, concerts, and more.

It is not necessary for me to be included in the entire process. It really depends on your needs whether you can involve me in the whole process or only a part of it. In any case, I would be delighted to contribute what I can to take your project even further.

my latest projects

Here are some projects that I had the pleasure of fully producing or contributing to at certain stages of the project. I hope you enjoy it!