what's your story?

Fantastic! The simple fact that you are here is already evidence of your sincere approach. Controlling your voice is more about hard work than talent. I can help you build your voice by establishing solid foundations that will allow you to use your voice with complete freedom. I also believe, just like you do, that you can achieve great things with your voice if you truly put in the effort. Sign up for a class, and I will assess your voice, and from there, we can work together to create a plan tailored to your objectives. Does that sound good to you?

Sure! Singing is like riding a bike; the body never truly forgets what it has memorized. If you have the right techniques from the start, your case shouldn’t be hopeless. We just need to conduct a vocal assessment to understand the current state of your voice and figure out where to pick up the work you left off recently. After a few lessons, you should be able to regain your instincts. We will also explore what can be improved to make you feel more comfortable with your instrument. Does that sound good to you?

That’s great! I love your open-mindedness. I will respect the work that has been done with your coach while offering you new perspectives. If it’s the style you want to work on, we can explore several ideas through specific exercises and practical application until you are satisfied with the result. If it’s a specific aspect of your vocal technique you want to address, I will make sure not to undermine the work your coach has already done on your voice but rather improve upon what you desire. The idea is to add something more, not to replace what’s already established, right?

Great instinct! Who would want to board an airplane that hasn’t undergone any technical inspection? No one! Let’s take a closer look at your voice and even go beyond just assessing its current state. We can also explore what can be done to make you even more comfortable than you are now!

about me

I’m a certified Modern Vocal Training (MVT) vocal coach. For over 10 years, I have been teaching hundreds of singers in Switzerland, Africa, and other parts of the world. My passion for understanding human nature allows me to identify and address any blockages, whether they are mental, related to a misperception of your voice, or connected to your body. I can sense a part of your story through how you use your voice, which enables me to establish a stronger connection with you and address what needs to be fixed.

You really inspired me by your energy. We have not speak a lot but this few times was enough for me to see that I when I grow up I want to inspire people like you inspired me.


I had an interesting and inspiring exchange experience characterized by friendliness, simplicity, and, most importantly, in-depth analysis. Personally, it has been a significant milestone in accepting my vocal potential.


It was an honor to learn from someone incredible like you Gwen. Thank you for everything you've done for us by inspiring us and motivate us to pursue our dreams and goals.


I always thought that I could not sing but after a few classes with Gwen, I realised that it was wrong. Gwen has helped me tremendously with my voice which helped me also to control the sound of my saxophone. Gwen, you helped me create a whole new horizon. Thank you!


Gwen, you not only know how to teach, but you also know how to hit the bullseye when talking to me! If you can do it with me, surely you can do it with all your students!


I am a vocal coach myself, and I love taking singing lessons with Gwen. Gwen knows how to find the exercises that push me to give my best. I feel that with Gwen, I am going from point A to point B. From the first few minutes, he knows what I need. Having him as a coach is invaluable.